Animals Get Funky! Series Gift Set Available Now

Want all of the titles in the series?  Now here's your chance.

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Serendipitous Entertainment Publishing

From A-Z: Animals Get Funky!

Children's Dance and movement book, Animals Get Funky!

Limited Edition Hardback - Signed by Author (Only 500 in print).

Animals Get Funky + CD Combo

From A-Z: Animals Get Funky!  or Animals Get Funky: From A-Z if you please. Either way, kids approve

New paperback edition launches 6/21 and now includes the 26 song CD, Animals Get Funky!

Get Coloring Funky Animals!

Get Coloring Funky Animals: From A-Z: Inspire Creativity and Dance Fluidity. Written by Sarahndipity

Soon, you'll be able to color all of your funky friends with our dance coloring book. 

Animals Get Emotional

Animals Get Emotional helps teach emotions and dealing with feelings.  It's an ABC kids animal book

Pre-order your copy today.  (Available 6/21)

Color Your Emotions: Dealing with Big Feelings

Need help dealing with big feelings?  This coloring book support emotional intelligence & well-being

This coloring book furthers the exploration of Animals Get Emotional allowing people to color their emotions.

Animals Get Funky! Album