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Kurt Baumann and Katie Gray from The Burned sing on The Today Show.  Pictured  here with Hota Kotb.

From dancing with Beats Antique, Bonnie Raitt, and Taj Mahal to Pirating the Caribbean, this adventure has been one serendipitous step after the next.  One of our first groups of musicians recently sang on The Today Show! 

Clients & Collaborators


Co-creation  with like-minded beings brings forth such incredible gifts.  Check out our awesome  group of visionaries and past clients.

Media Kit & One Sheets

One Sheet for Animals Get Funky book and album.

Download the Media Kit and One Sheets for Animals Get Funky! series below.


Tools for Emotional Well-Being from Animals Get Emotional by Sarahndipity Johnsen.

Want an inside peek into the creative antics and playful fun?  You can read Sarahndipity's blog here.

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Do you share in our vision our uplifting humanity through art?  Please join us, enjoy valuable exclusive opportunities, and be part of the solution.

Talia Keys from Talia Keys and The Love and Marinade.  She's part of Sarahndipity and Friends AGF CD

Clients & Collaborators

It takes a village . . .

· Amma Sanctuary

· Arise Music Festival

· Atlas Studios

· Beats Antique

· Bhakti Fest

· Bhakti Yoga Shala

· Bonnie Raitt

· Buddy Guy

· Camp Good Grief

· Campout for the Cause

· Chris Shifrar Photography

· Creative Avenues

· Cruisers

· Dawn Morrow Photography

· Declaration of Consciousness

· Desert Rocks Music Festival

· Dreamtime Music Festival

· Encantado

· Flat Top Reed

· Fusion Audio Solutions

· Grand River Hospital District

· Grand Valley Yoga Fest

· Groundation

· Heather Redding Photography

· Hospice & Palliative Care

· Illumicirque

· Jack & Jill

· Jaden Carlson

· James Dalton

· Jason Hunter Band

· Joe Cocker

· Juno What?!

· Jus Goodie

· KAFM Radio

· Kannah Creek Farm

· KRYD Radio

· KZKS Radio

· Lil Sum'n Sum'n

· Lion Vibes

· Little Lambs Learning Center

· Loud & Clear Digital Media

· Main Street Mineral and Beads

· Mesa County Library

· Marinade

· Mary Hockenbery Photography

· Melon Nights

· Mesa County Fair

· Midnight Sun Music Festival

· Mountain Harvest Festival

· Mutaytor

· Ogden OM Fest

· Palisade Bluegrass & Roots Festival

· Pineapple Crackers

· Pirate's Week Grand Cayman

· Powellapalooza

· PPS Group

· Raindance Promotions

· Rocky Mountain PBS TV

· Satya Curcio Photography

· Sea Stars

· Shakit Fest

· Shakti Rising Yoga

· Shawn Reeder Photography

· SoLLun

· Stonefed

· Taj Mahal

· Talia Keys

· Tapasyogi Nandhiji

· Telluride Blues and Brews Festival

· The Burned

· The Hot Tomato

· The Motet

· The Neurosculpting Institute ® 

· The Pour

· The Source Magazine

· The Spot Magazine

· The Tankerays

· The Williams Brother's Band

· They Went Thataway

· Tribal Vision Festival

· Uncle Uncanny's

· Viva Le Vox

· Voices.com

· Western CO Botanical Gardens

· Western State College

· Wheel

· Wisebird

· Yoga West Collective

· Zolopht

Following synchronicity . . .

Since the start of Serendipitous Entertainment in 2011, we've been blessed with co-creating with incredible artists, musicians, companies, and visionaries.  

Michael Franti & Sarahndipity Johnsen

Michael Franti & Sarahndipity Johnsen