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From A-Z: Animals Get Funky!


From A-Z: Animals Get Funky!  Written by Sarahndipity Johnsen and Illustrated by Amanda Maitri.  

This lyrical children's book illustrates creative dance moves that support health, confidence, inclusion, and unique expression.  

It's fun for the mind, spirit, and body!  

Inspired by Anne Green Gilbert's Dance Concepts, each page has been carefully crafted to support brain development, reduce stress, and inspire healthy families. 


 “As a mother I couldn't imagine a more important or applicable life skill then creative expression. This book gives parents a guide to helping their children find fun, creative, and musical ways to express themselves. I wish I had this for my daughter when she was little!"  - Lisa Wimberger, author and founder of The Neurosculpting Institute ®  

  “An artistic alchemy of education and entertainment. Sarahndipity strategically merges movement, mindfulness, and music, guiding children to create their own sacred stage for growth and joy.” ~ Anam Cara Cat, author of Birdseed: A Guide to Teaching Emotional Intelligence in the Primary and Secondary Classroom  


Would you love to add some funky new moves to your repertoire? Author Sarahndipity Johnsen hosts unique author events inspiring kids of all ages to get down and funky!   

These aren't your average book readings.  Be prepared to move, groove, wiggle, and giggle.   


Does your child want to be a star?  

We're holding ongoing auditions for the Animals Get Funky! Dance Video Series that we're pitching to Kid's PBS.  We'll also be producing videos for our  Kids' YouTube TV Channel.

This is a great way for your child to share his/her love of dance while inspiring other's to be fit, fluid, and funky!

All ages are welcome to audition.

Studio spaces are limited, so please RSVP to reserve your child's spot.


We've teamed up with musicians from around the world to co-create a rockin' soundtrack for From A-Z: Animals Get Funky!

Guest musicians include:


  • John Anglim
  • Samantha Emmitt
  • Robert Chillino
  • Susan Cypher
  • Gilly Gonzalez
  • Zac Grant
  • Katie Gray
  • Tyler Hawkins
  • Las Curanderas
  • Carol Rathbun
  • Charles Ray King Jr.
  • Kendra Kreie
  • Kevin McLeod
  • Alicia Marsicovetere
  • Robin Perryman
  • Taylor Riley
  • Chloe Watkins
  • Chloe Williams
  • James Williams
  • Kiya Williams
  • Yuvana Yoshi


There are so many ways to move your dance feet and inspire everyone you meet.

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More resources are available to inspire healthy, creative outlets. 

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Do you enjoy dance, art, animals, kindness, creativity, and healthy outlets?  Adding this vibrant lyrical children's book into your collection today supports creative programs for at-risk youth.

"Sarahndipity’s delightful rhymes and Amanda’s lively illustrations will entrance readers of all ages. This engaging alphabet book will have the whole family moving and grooving, wiggling, and giggling. Guaranteed to promote social-emotional intelligence, body awareness, and creativity.  

~  Anne Green Gilbert, educator, author and developer of BrainDance    

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